What’s the Price?

Shawn Burger…

It’s easy to complain about healthcare pricing.  When I was a kid, I was told repeatedly that there are simply two types of people in this world… those that do things (you may not like what they are doing, but at least they are doing) and those that complain about those that do.  Doers and complainer’s we say in our house.

Needless to say, the constant complaining regarding our healthcare system is confusing.  What really is the point?  I for one don’t have the answer, but I was recently surprised to find out that behind the noise, there are people doing.  Simple solutions to one issue at a time, making life easier for everyday people like yours-truly. 

So what is so interesting that caught my attention?  $4 prescriptions at Walgreens.  You see, last year I had a ‘traditional’ HMO insurance plan with a $10 co pay.  This year, I decided to be a doer and enroll in a HSA were my responsibility is the first $2500 of all health care costs for the year.  My first trip in the New Year to Walgreens, I was shocked to pay only $4 for the same medicine that I paid $10 for the prior month.  What’s the difference I asked?  Simple, the insurance costs more, more people to pay for, more paper to push, more work that costs more money!  When you’re paying “cash,” there is only Walgreens and the patient so the costs are a lot less.

What the… I wanted to say!  But I said thank you with a ‘doing’ smile and went home.  If only our Hospitals were so simple.

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