Where are We?

Recently we have been all over the map… literally to New Orleans, Washington, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Portland and San Francisco.  Here and there, back N Forth in the past 4 weeks.  During these stops, we have engaged with industry leaders, as well as people like you and I trying to make a positive difference in the lives of people we come in contact with.  We engaged in the annual APTA (That’s the national hob knobbing of Physical Therapists 🙂 to lecturing in SLC, Portland and LA.  This past week, we traveled to SF – CA for the annual IHRSA convention (national sports and rehab equipment trade show).

Through it all, one thing rings clear…The key buzzwords continue to be innovation and efficiency which is code for what technologies will allow us all to see more patients. 

Where and what does this mean for us, is still being debated.  Remember when your Doctor would be able to spend as much time as needed with you?  Now it seems that time is cut to the essential tasks of getting the job done… but what it that “job” and what will it be in the year and years to come?  I don’t have THE answer, but I do know our team is focused on making sure we feel value in our experience. 

Next week, we are moving into a new location in Natomas (by Arco arena) and we look forward to providing great value to our community.  April 1st will be our first day.  Feel free to look us up and stop in to say hello!

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