Aide Games

Shawn Burger… Our Roseville Team Leader sent me the following message…

 “I wanted to catch you up on the Aide Games we had at our staff meeting last week.  We narrowed down 10 or so different “events” to four and had our 5 aides compete.  All of the events were related to aide tasks and each one had points attached.  The first competition was the towel fold/pillow prep.  They had 5 towels to fold and 2 pillows to put cases on.  Points were awarded based on order of finish.  The next event was the towel toss.  Each aide had the chance to throw towels into the towel basket and points were given depending on the location of made attempts.  We also had the kinesiotape cut where they raced to cut a piece of tape 6 inches long and round the edges.  Again, points were given based on order of finish.  The final event was the timer diffuser.  This one really separated the men from the boys.  We placed 5 timers throughout the clinic and set them to go off simultaneously.  We timed how long it took the aides to turn them all off and points were given.  I really wish we had video of this…everyone had a blast.  Winning prize (a pack of gum and $25 Visa gift card) but it was a close race.  We had a great time…pretty funny stuff.  Talk to you later! “

I wanted to thank our Roseville Team!  Often, we miss opportunities in life that are right in front of us.  We look for someone to do it… whatever “it” is or whoever that “somebody” should be… when in reality, we all have opportunities to be doers, add value to our patients and our co workers. What a great place and Team we have in Roseville.

If you see opportunities to add value and fun with your team, do it!  and when you have time, share it with me.

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