Want or Need?

Shawn Burger…

I pondered our services this week as I tried to determine between a want and a need.  I was given a gift card recently to “Peets Coffee and Tea.”  Without much thought, I discovered myself frequenting Peets not once, but twice a day.  Why not?  Its free right…

Well, it’s not actually free as my gift card quickly dropped to a $.49 balance before I finished the month.

Isn’t this like Health Care???  When we have a low – no co pay why not see the Doctor for every ache, sniffle and cramp…  but when we have to pay for the services, we better be dying before we call for an appointment.    I wonder if everyone paid full Value for their services, how much of those services would be used?  Would we really have a MD, Nurse and Physical Therapy shortage?  

Probably not…

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