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Shawn Burger…

Many analogies attempt to explain why we choose things.  “The grass is greener…”  “One man’s trash is another’s…”  “you say potato’, I say…” come to mind. 

This week I was reminded we can’t please everyone when I received a complaint from a client who did not like their Physical Therapist.   I was told that X Company in X location was better.  Maybe true…

But I got to thinking that Physical Therapists are simply people.  Like you and I, like the Doctors that refer us, we are ALL different.  No two of us are alike.  That’s when I took a breath and appreciated how great Burger Physical Therapy is.  We have a team of over 76 licensed clinicians in the 5 county Sacramento region.  Unlike other pastures where you might find one or two clinicians, we have the opportunity to work with people who have extraordinary experience in various fields and subspecialties.   This list is long… we have experts in almost every field!  That is what allows us to continue to be the first choice for area physicians. 

Today it was announced that Burger was once again the #1 Physical Therapy provider in the area.  With the support and trust of UC-Davis, Hills Physicians and many other Physician Groups, we say Thank You!

Something for us to be proud of!

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